Privacy Policy

Touch of Eden accepts all valid and legal credit cards that are accepted by our Application Service Provider (ASP). 

Touch of Eden will process your order once our ASP gives approval of credit. Payments are made in equivalent of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Any other prices shown in other currencies are for comparison purposes and do not reflect latest exchange rates. Please consult your local credit card issuing institutions for the latest rates. Payments made for purchases in Touch of Eden will be reflected as Touch of Eden Florist in your credit card statement of account. 

Touch of Eden will not be held responsible and will not be liable for any disputes that may arise from buyers misuse of their credit card in Touch of Eden. Unless instructed by court of law, our ASP will not release any information regarding the purchase to any other authorities or persons except to the buyer, credit card holders/owners or the credit card issuing institutions. 

Credit card information held by our ASP and this information is not available to us. This will be made once instructions are given by our ASP Credit card validation. Authentication and approval are made in real - time by our ASP through their payment gateway to credit cards acquiring bank. Purchase amount will be debited from your credit card account once the relevant authorities give approval and any dispute arising from this purchase amount must be settled with the bank and ASP. All credit card transactions are conducted in the strongest encryption technology available and over secured internet connection. If found guilty, any illegal misuse of credit cards on this store by unauthorised persons will be prosecuted and penalised as per the Malaysian Government Cyberlaws. By buying or purchasing any product in Touch of Eden, you agree to the above payment terms.